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3.Plastic injection machine with servo motor (HXM series)

HXM series SERVO energy saving injection moulding machines

1. Super energy saving

Output power varies according to real load, no waste of redundant energy. The servo motor will reduce speed when keeping pressure, so almost no power consumption. The servo motor stop when cooling, so absolutely no power consumption. Compared with common machine, it can save power by 20%-80%.

2. High precision and high stability

Adopted with high precision and high sensitive rotary encoder and pressure sensor, it can monitor and feedback of flow and pressure respectively. Based on feedback, the high performance synchronous servo motor will adjust flow and pressure accordingly by changing the speed and torque. The closed-loop control can ensure the stability of product quality.

3. High response and high efficiency

The driving system respond high sensitivity. It takes only 0.05s to reach max. output. The response speed is much faster than common machine. So that it can shorten cycle time and increase production efficiency.


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